CIMTHOG exists to share the life-changing love of Christ with Evangelistic Outreach to the drug addicts’ / sex workers’ ghettos. We believe winning souls for Christ is the heartbeat of God because- he came to die for all, and wants all saved, including our target group. (John 3:16) CIMTHOG Mission is a Non -Governmental and Non-profit Christian Organization that seeks to collaborate with Institutions, Organizations, etc to enhance a common purpose of accessing equal opportunities for our target group at a given time.

Categorized as:
*Community Outreach & Management Approach.

*All Inclusiveness –MOH, private Institutions / Organizations, and the Church.

Since November 2019, we have had the opportunity to organize such outreaches; bringing hope to such persons who have experienced rejection from families, society, and one’s self. We believe, in the unlimited grace; through the divine workings of the blood, to restore man to Himself- is a responsibility of us all, thus, such collaboration is timely and appropriate.

The Objective
To restore lives; as destinies are aligned with the purposes of God and to His glory; through Christian Counseling, Outreach, Mentorship, Training, and Prayer. (Spiritual Therapy based on the Gospel of Jesus Christ)
To enhance access to improved mental health for the addicts in the communities and ghettos in an approach that best attracts them.
To strengthen the capacities of individuals to embrace more productive lives – a tool essential for nation-building.
To empower stakeholders: families, church, community, and nation, an attempt to reduce rejection and abuse by 40%.
Collaboration and partnership relationships are embraced to enhance God’s purposes in the lives of addicts and sex workers. This includes:

Pulling resources to enhance the implementation and sustainability of our training programs for our clients.
Partnering to seek Financial Support (internationally and locally) to carry out our projects.
Support financially our evangelistic and advocacy outreach program (s); from time to time.
Enhance exchange programs for leadership capacity building.
Work in teams to support the monitoring and evaluation of projects.

Activity Details
Provide clinical professionals (in consultation with Ghana Health Service facilities) and volunteers for the ghetto outreach program (s).
Facilitate accessing needed logistics for all projects.
Facilitate Christian and Professional Counseling /Capacity Building / Training etc for our clients.
Liaise with the clinical stakeholders to provide mental health services for addicts: clinical management, and orientation for reformation.
Enhance effective follow-ups for all evangelistic and discipling programs.
Work in teams to support the monitoring and evaluation of projects.

The Benefit of Collaboration: 
Satisfaction of reaching out and helping others to experience the love of God- the great gift of God.
The generous man will be prosperous, and he who waters shall be watered “(Proverbs 11:25b)
The glory of God will be seen as lives are restored.
The collaboration will serve as motivation to strengthen others to join in the Kingdom business.
Recognition on all our social platforms and website.


• Undertake missionary work within drug addiction ghettos in the communities to enhance holistic Salvic plan of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ; and enhance character building and morals.

• Organize community -based mental health programmes

This includes: outreaches and monitoring (home visits) etc in collaboration with Mental Health Service institutions Accra Psychiatry Hospital through volunteering work for reorientation and personal development.


• Organize advocacy programmes through the social media and other platforms through the organization of seminars, conferences, and sensitization programmes on topical issues for drug addicts, their families, communities, as well as engaging the government to address such social and health issues by embracing global standards and perspective.

• Strengthen capacities Apprenticeship and internships programmes for both formal and informally trained individuals through collaboration with relevant stakeholders (local & International)
The Motherhood support basically is about, street persons having assigned to a mother who will mentor and support the individual's psychological support etc people travel to the cities and get stuck, and fall victim to bad persons.

CIMTHOG seeks to help you get someone to talk privately with, and mentor using Christian values.
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